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01-Jun-2015 - Last updated on 04-Jun-2015 at 13:33 GMT

Established in 1882, Evropa employs over 500 people and makes chocolate products such as biscuits, wafers and candies with over 10,000t/year going through the factory.

The company wanted to automate packaging of its wafer and biscuit brands, Jadran and Berta, to reduce the high costs, slow speeds and excessive giveaway of the existing manual operation while at the same time avoiding chipping or breakage of the products.

Hand weighing and sealing in bags had been extremely labour intensive, involving 30 staff to pack around 27 bags a minute. Now, with the installation of the Ishida multi-head weigher, linked to an Ilapak bagmaker, the company is achieving 30 bags a minute with just five people. Giveaway has also been reduced from 5% to 0.7%.

As a result, payback on the machine was achieved within one and a half years. The improvement in pack quality also enabled the Evropa to export its products throughout the EU.

The Gentle Slope design has various important characteristics that are critical for the delicate task of packing fragile food products.

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