You Can Wear a Gacha Machine as a Backpack

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If you've ever visited Japan, you will likely have come across a very special type of vending machine. Called gachapon, or gacha machines, after the sound it makes when the crank is turned (gacha or gasha), they sell a variety of products. They were first introduced to Japan in 1965 by a company called Penny, and have been a hit ever since. In fact, Penny even established Gacha Day, falling annually on February 17. In anticipation of this year's special day, gacha manufacturer Takara Tomy Arts is releasing a unique backpack.

Called Showy Gacha, this quirky accessory resembles a real-life gacha machine. Featuring the iconic gacha logo and a vending machine-style design, this bag makes a fun fashion statement. But it's not just visually striking, it also functions similar to a gacha machine as well. Only, instead of coming with gacha capsules, it welcomes wearers to fill it with their own prizes. blind bag toys

You Can Wear a Gacha Machine as a Backpack

While there is a crank that you can turn, it is just for decoration. After adding capsules to the backpack, you can retrieve them by unzipping the bottom pouch, simulating the experience of using a real machine. The backpack also features see-through panels on the sides so you can show off what you've stored inside. Additionally, the Showy Gacha comes with plenty of room so it can be used for storage as well as flair.

The Showy Gacha costs ¥9,900 (about $75.06). You can place a pre-order via Takara Tomy Arts' website.

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You Can Wear a Gacha Machine as a Backpack

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